Sequencing and Fragment Analysis

In addition to our ABI 3130xl genetic analyzer, our newly installed ABI 3500 genetic analyzer is engineered to:

  • deliver the highest quality data of any sequencing analysis
  • increase throughput
  • enhance faster run times and
  • Also, it has a powerful new algorithm and reagent combination that normalizes signal intensity between instrument to instrument and capillary to capillary.

Both analyzers:

  • are installed with 50cM capillary array which gives about 900bp to 1000bp read length
  • uses instrument protocol which gives shorter read length and allows for maximum throughput.

Applications such as SSRs, AFLP and other fluorescently-labeled PCR products can be sized on both DNA Analyzers. Our fragment analysis services are cost effective, as 5 fluorescent dyes in addition to the size standard can be detected.

Service fees

Sequencing: $7 per reaction Fragment Analysis: $15 per run (8 reactions)

If you want high quality sequence or fragment analysis, please contact us to find out more.