JR Biotek/IITA-Bioscience Training Workshop

A 5-day  World Class Hands-on Biotechnology Training Workshop titled ‘Molecular Biotechnology: Laboratory Techniques and Applications in Agriculture and Biomedical Diagnostics’ was held in Bioscience center on September 22 – 26, 2014 in collaboration with JR Biotek , USA which is a biotechnology education-based company that provides high quality biotechnology laboratory products and services, including World Class Biotechnology Lab Training to researchers and science professionals in University and Research Institutes all across Africa. The training attracted about 14 participants from Universities and Research Institutes across six African Countries; Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana and Kenya.

The training was declared opened by the Head, Bioscience center, Dr Melaku Gedil who gave a welcome speech after which a Keynote Address was delivered by Professor Sylvester N. Ibe from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State.

The Participants were conducted round the Bioscience facilities by Ms Fasanmade Yemi, followed by the commencement of the Wet Lab aspect of the training. It was a comprehensive training involving both the Dry Lab and Wet Lab sessions given by Carol Ibe, the Founder and CEO of JR Biotek, USA. Some of the aspects of Biotechnology treated include: An Overview of Modern Biotechnology Techniques; Basic Molecular Biology Techniques; Genetic Engineering: Tools & Techniques; Applications of Modern Biotechnology and Plant and mammalian Tissue for the Dry Lab session while the Wet Lab session include: Micropipetting Basics; Construction & Cloning of DNA; Principles of PCR; Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture and Isolation & Gel analysis of DNA from plants.

Training Certificates were given to each of the participants at the end of the Training and also, an Award of Excellence was presented by JR Biotek, USA to IITA-Bioscience center for their excellent performance during the Training period and good collaboration which enabled the Training to be a success. it was generally a good collaboration between IITA and JR Biotek which resulted into a win-win outcome for all partners concerned. JR Biotek appreciates IITA- Capacity Development Office for their contributions towards the success of the training.

The quality of the training was evaluated at the end of the training workshop and they all appreciate our serine environment, Bioscience facilities and equipment available for the training and the expertise of the Trainers. one of the participants said " IITA is an excellent learning center and we should keep the flag flying"

A tour of the IITA campus and Facilities was done by the participants and part of the places visited includes: The IITA Genomic Resource Center, IITA Lake and Research fields.