IITA-Bioscience Center

The Bioscience Center was established in 1990 at the beginning of genomic revolution sparked by the advent of DNA technology. The strategy was to partner with advanced laboratories in developed countries and share knowledge and experience with the National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS). The Unit is currently head by Prof. Michael Abberton.

In subsequent years, the facility expanded and evolved to keep abreast of the rapidly growing scientific technology. Being one of the leading Biotechnology laboratories in sub-Saharan Africa, Bioscience Center has served as a pioneer center of excellence for harnessing molecular/DNA technologies for improvement of African crops.

The center operates hand-in-hand with several laboratories and programs to carry out cutting-edge applied research tailored to development.

In addition to research, IITA Bioscience Center is heavily involved in Training and Capacity Building through regular seminars, workshops and hosting of graduate students. A lot of Universities and Research Institutes in Nigeria (and across Africa) have benefitted from our comprehensive training, adequate infrastructure and expertise in biotechnology. The Center has a laboratory research facilities and equipment that have been widely used by researchers from the national programs and graduate students.

Bioscience Center at IITA is a major pillar in the research themes of IITA because of the increasing importance of DNA-related research in elucidating genetic information associated with desirable phenotypes.

Our Services:

With the aid of our world-class facilities and expertise in molecular biology research, genetics and biotechnology, we provide a quality and reliable genotyping services to National Researchers and partners in sub-Saharan Africa.