Genetic analyzer
    • Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzer for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis

This instrument is fluorescence based genetic analyzing system where the genotyping methods are based on the sizing of fluorescently labelled DNA fragments. The applied biosystems 3130xl is capable of performing sequencing and fragment analysis of applications like microsatellite or short Tandem Repeats (STR), AFLP, LOH, SNP, rapid sequencing, standard sequencing de novo sequencing and resequencing. The sequencer is typically set up for rapid sequencing and fragment analysis but upon request, we can install 50cm array for standard sequencing (≤900bp) and 80cm array for ≥1000bp reads. Available data software sequencing analysis Software v5.2 and Genemapper v4.0. The system uses POP7 as well as POP6 but mostly POP7 as its separation matrix.

  • Flow Cytometer –For determining the ploidy level of plant samples
  • Thermocyclers (Polymerase Chain Reaction – PCR machines) for amplification of short selected fragments of DNA from the genome
  • Quantitative real-time PCR for gene expression analysis
  • Equipment for medium throughput DNA and RNA extraction and analysis including Genogrinder to grind 192 samples in few minutes (2 times 96 well plates);
  • Gel electrophoresis: a wide range of apparatus for analysis and visualization of nucleic acids
  • Spectrophotometers and other analytical instrumentsMolecular biology Lab