Personal Information

Ismail Y. Rabbi

Molecular Geneticist / Breeder

Education & Training

  • Education: :
    Biochemistry and Biotechnology at Kenyatta University
  • Residency: :
    Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Practice Areas: :
    Stereovctic Radiosurgery, Glioma
  • Phone no. :
    +234 8100734041


Ismail Yusuf Rabbi is a geneticist based in IITA Ibadan, Nigeria. His main research involves the development and application of genomic resources for crop improvement. During his postdoctoral work at IITA, he helped develop the first SNP-based genetic map of cassava and participated in uncovering the genomic regions underlying resistance to cassava brown streak disease.

Currently, Dr Ismail is applying the latest high-throughput genotyping technology and statistical methods to find genes in cassava that are associated with several critical traits, including disease resistance, high pro-vitamin A content, dry matter, and plant architecture. Breeders can then select these genes to develop superior cultivars much faster than by using phenotypes alone.

He is also part of a new cassava improvement initiative, dubbed, “Next Generation Cassava Breeding” that involves Cornell University, IITA, and Nigerian and Ugandan National Breeding Programs.

Dr Ismail is a Kenyan, and did his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biochemistry and Biotechnology at Kenyatta University. A DAAD scholar, Dr Ismail graduated (magna cum laude) from the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany with a doctorate in Agricultural Sciences. He had a short stay at Cornell University where he attended a course in Statistical Genetics.