Personal Information

Ryo Matsumoto

Yam Agronomist

Education & Training

  • Residency: :
    Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Practice Areas: :
    Yam Agronomist
  • Phone no. :
    +1 201 6336094


Ryo Matsumoto is from Japan. Ryo is working on the project “MAFF yam phase 2” supported by MAFF in Japan. The purpose of this project is to increase productivity using fertilizer application with basic yam knowledge and utilization of yam with high nutritional value. His research interest is on growth modeling of yam, which is a tool that permits the prediction of growth response and yield potential under various ecological and abiotic factors. Ryo holds a PhD in agriculture from Tokyo University of Agriculture, Tokyo, Japan. During his PhD program (2008-2011), and his postdoctoral fellowship (2011-2013), he clarified the physiological and morphological characterization of the growth of yam vine cuttings, and he established mass propagation scheme using vine cutting techniques for seed tuber propagation of yam. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Science (JIRCAS), Tsukuba, Japan from 2013 April to 2017 March. He has been working on basic growth modeling study of yam, and evaluation of the key basic agronomic and tuber quality traits in white guinea yam.